BLOG/STACY/Monday December 28th Check out this BUDDHA STATUE. IT HAS ALREADY BROKEN THE GOLDEN TOP PART TO THE HAT IS OK. I was disappointed because she wrapped it so well, as did ” I put it in a blanket like a baby”. But it’s a one piece clean break, so it’s all good! These are my very special finds for me as I need it as Feng Shui’Ed as can be!

BLOG/STACY/Monday December 28th/This and a few other things were my inexpensive gifts to myself this year. After looking for clothes, what I usually do when I go to Ross Dress for Less. I went through their home Department shocked at the inexpensive prices to go with these items.

First I found this Cover/ like a Globe it’s flush with the ceiling when it’s attached correctly.

Just another day between Christmas and New Years. I guess I like those days. They are usually the Lazy days of Christmas, where Mom’s and Grandmother’s get to kick their Heels up after a HARD FEW MONTHS OF SHOPPING, WORRYING, AND GETTING EVERYTHING TO PERFECTION!

I am starting to put away all of my BowWreath stuff. Lots of Art’s and Craft Supplies that need a home. They have a room, were just looking for some special little drawers. A locker maybe…. The plan is wide open!

This is my very well priced a chandelier. It would go over a light, similar to how a globe does. It is flush with the ceiling when it’s attached correctly.A truly great buy at Ross andI hear their SALE IS coming NEXT WEEK or the week after MLK DAY!!!!¿? GOOGLE ON YOUTUBE. My TAPESTRY OF THE SUN SIGN.

I also got a Buddha, a little statue of xx’s & o’s, a Moon Macrame wall hanging. My inexpensive Chandelier that actually is a light cover to cover up an ugly globe or something. It should be flush with the ceiling. Or that is what I am imagining. I have another Chandelier but it’s not very big. It hangs from a Candlelabra made from 3 Beautiful Angels.

This tapestry is one of the SUN, THE SUN IS VERY SPECIAL SYMBOL IN MY LIFE.

Below; The Bell

HOW DO YOU SEE THE MONTHS IN YOUR HEAD???In Grammer School, my Art Teacher asked us to think of challenges to draw.

The Featured picture is how I would do my Craft Room. With monies aside. And Much, Much More!!!

I asked her …. Can we draw the way the 12- month Calender looks to each individual in their imagination?

“It still intrigues me to this day…. and I often bring it up in conversation”

She didn’t quite get it at first, but after explaining how I imagine the Months of the Year mapped out she understood what this little 7th grader was describing to her.

I think it is an awesome idea, using real and imaginary art (not yet laid down before anyone).

So How Do I See My Months, more importantly, How Do You See The Months???

I see a circle-type shape

To me if I am standing in the Middle of this circle, looking ahead is December right in my path of travel. January is to the right of December, February, March, April and so forth and so on, month after month. All in a complete circle but the Shape is ever-changing as each day ebs and flows, comes and goes!!!

There are even colors that I associate the months with, seasons are sections, and s another weird idea after another!

Making the Ornaments was fun,  so I thought I would write a little about it!

This is the kind that I use,  however I prefer the Jewel Tones which are hard to find. Like the radiant blue I used,  I think it’s so pretty!

I had 12 clear Ornaments left from a project I wanted to do last year with the gbabies.

What you need:

1-Glue Sticks, Get 3-4 packs they are kinda of like pop-art, made of glue and color,  sometimes glitter.

2-You can just rub your hands together to get it off. Easy to wash out.

3-Clear Ornaments the larger the better!

You can apply the color on the inside or outside.  I filled a couple of mine with Snow and Merry Christmas words. I tried the color inside this year and I really like the effect. After adding the snow effect was cooler!

I also added a little snow to colored ones.

Very Fun To Make!

Time to send your CHRISTMAS CARDS!


It can be painstakingly slow, but I think worth every penny! They are something Handmade , not perfect. For sure! I got my love for the Arts and Crafts from my good family friend Colleen. She bought me my first Counted Cross-Stitch pattern. I have her to thank for a ton of fun and praise when my clients are happy!

Thank You Colleen! I love you!

Today, December 4 th, we have 20-21 days until Christmas!

Get the countdown on, Don’t Procrastinate like last year, BE READY THIS YEAR ON TIME & LOOKING FINE!

I found this adorably decorated tree in an RN’S theme. I think it’s beautiful.

Especially at this time we need to pray for ALL ESSENTIAL WORKERS.